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15 Injured as Pipe Bomb Explodes at Rally in Prague

June 03, 1990| United Press International

PRAGUE, Czechoslovakia — A pipe bomb exploded during an election rally here Saturday, injuring about 15 people, the Czechoslovak news agency CTK reported.

The bomb was detonated in Old Town Square, a busy tourist area. The device was placed in a backpack filled with lead fishing weights and strapped to a statue.

The bomb sent the bits of lead into the crowd like shrapnel, witnesses said.

No one claimed responsibility for the bombing.

Eleven of the injured were hospitalized, the news agency reported.

Elections for the Czechoslovakian Parliament, the first free elections in 44 years, are scheduled for June 8-9.

Before the bombing, security had not been a major issue in the campaign.

Police were investigating the bombing.

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