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U.S. Could Use a Healthy Dose of Haskvitz's Methods

June 10, 1990

Just when you thought educational policy was meant to benefit the children of America, along comes the chilling truth of the matter--it's " . . . the needs of the district and the needs of teachers . . ., " according to Walnut's coordinator of staff development, Yvonne Sevilla (Times, May 31.)

Teacher Alan Haskvitz has a style which has made education fun again; it's brought national awards to himself and Suzanne Middle School in Walnut, and the students are thinking--a sure formula to find yourself ostracized by those more intent on picketing and sweating over the size of their pension. How dare this man actually educate!

The "district officials" mentioned in the story haven't turned down Haskvitz's offer to share his style of teaching with others because "they weren't competitive"--they simply realize the final score has been tallied, and they lost.

America's school system could use a healthy dose of this style of teaching. Isn't it strange that we can all think back and remember one teacher that stands out in our mind, one that captured our attention and actually taught us? Isn't it awful that we can't look back and say all our teachers were like that?

Why only a single one, or at best, only a few? The answer gives a chill . . . most teachers played the game which was best for "the needs of the district and the needs of teachers," or were swept under an ivory tower because their style was so workable it wasn't "competitive."

Hats off to teacher Alan Haskvitz!


La Puente

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