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Sewer Rate Cut for Low-Income Residents

June 14, 1990

We have presented to the Crescenta Valley County Water District Board a few applications for sewage rate reductions for people with incomes of $10,000 or less. We are distributing the application form, which we created, because the water district would not provide one.

We are people on fixed incomes who helped to build the community of La Crescenta back in the 1950s, and we don't like being "pushed out." What else can we do? And where can we go? We like this area too (just as all those who are moving here).

Paying for the Hyperion plant should not be placed on the people. Why does Bradley get billions of dollars to dig an underground tunnel? It should have gone to this repair. This little community's 5,600 people were presented with a 138% increase in their sewage bill--at the end of the fiscal year the rate will again go up.

The water company finds it easier to slap an "across-the-board" increase--no matter how many people live in a house. There are as many as 10 to 20 people in some homes--three generations of families, cars numbering six parked down my street for one house. Now they pay the same as those of us of one or two in a single-family home.

"Pay for what you use" is the only fair way--or else give reduced rates to low-income people who apply. We have made the application available at the La Crescenta Library and two homes: 2642 Fairway, Montrose, and 2742 Los Olivos, La Crescenta.


La Crescenta

Falloure, a low-income, disabled resident, has led a community protest against the increase in sewer fees.

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