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NEIGHBORS : Moo-ving Party Kenny O'Neill isn't cowed by his run-in with a heifer. His annual birthday bash is Saturday.

June 14, 1990|LEO SMITH

Ventura's Kenny O'Neill (alias Kenny Borrell, after the jazz guitarist with the homophonic last name) is advertising his fourth-annual birthday bash, June 16, as "More fun than the wild West had . . . hop off your horse and dance 'til the cows come home."

Well, exactly one week ago, one of those heifers almost put an end to any celebration. Just 10 days before the event, O'Neill was driving over the Conejo grade at 70 m.p.h. when he hit a cow (presumably coming home). He needed 12 stitches on his arm, he had cuts on his legs, and he had a bump on his head. But by the next day he was "ready to paaaaarteeeee."

For those not familiar with O'Neill's parties, they are like a child's dream come true. He invites everyone he knows. Everyone. But O'Neill is only a child in spirit. He'll be 33 this time around.

When he isn't pounding cars at The Fender Mender in Ventura, O'Neill is a bouncer at Eric Ericssons, the site of the party. "When I turned 30, I decided, let's have a party," he said. "The first year I spent over $1,000. We had a band. We had T-shirts." And of course gifts.

This year, a new car would probably be more appropriate. O'Neill totaled his in the cow collision.

According to The Fouled Anchor, the newsletter of the Channel Islands Yacht Club, Mr. and Mrs. Sturgeon have applied for membership. That's George and Sarah Sturgeon of Glendale. Commodore Robert Hamilton wasn't aware of any change in the rules making it a requirement that members have water-related surnames.

Ojai watercolorist Carol Berlin has a busy exhibit schedule.

In March, she had a show at the Turgut Pura Vakfi Gallery in Izmir, Turkey; now, three months later, she's showing her work at the Doubletree Hotel in Ventura through July 23.

Obviously, she loves to travel. For the past 14 years Berlin, her husband, Cliff, and a friend from high school have been sailing all over the world on their sailboat, "Sunshine." They've been to Italy, France, Greece, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore, just to name a few spots.

"We've had lots and lots of close calls. We've had a lot of times wondering why we were" on the boat, said Berlin. "The seas are bigger than us. The freighters are 100 times bigger than us. We've always called ourselves the chickens of the sea. If someone is going to give way, it will be us."

The trio will next set sail at the end of the year, headed for Istanbul, where Berlin will open an exhibit in February.

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