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Betting With Bob

June 16, 1990


The computer and I went mano a machino with our wagers in the ninth race Friday.

Toby Jug and Insert, the two horses I used with my exacta key, ran first and second, respectively. But Agiwin, the key horse in my exactas, finished fifth.

For today, I'll bet $30 to win on Record Boom in the seventh race--again going against the computer's bets.

Bob's Friday Bankroll $2,072

Friday's Loss $60

Current Bankroll $2,012

The computer lost $80 when Sumbanaire finished last in the ninth race, the first time he has finished out of the money. Its bet today is $40 to win and $40 to place on Stalwars in the seventh race. Also, a $20 exacta, Stalwars to Polar Boy, and a $10 exacta reversing the two. (Note: The computer's bankroll was reduced $30 to compensate for an error by his hypothetical ticket seller.)

Computer's Friday Bankroll $2,065.50

Friday's Loss $80

Current Bankroll $1,985.50

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