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School's Relocation a 'Leap Forward'

June 17, 1990

In the controversy surrounding the University Elementary School move to Ocean Park we see the interests of UES parents pitted against progress.

The proposed relocation of University Elementary School to a site adjoining a beautiful neighborhood park in Santa Monica is an unusual opportunity for the UCLA School of Education, the Santa Monica Unified School District, and parents and children of the Ocean Park neighborhood. By extension, the benefits of this model will extend to public education throughout the state.

The primary function of UES has been and should continue to be the training of teachers and development of new educational methods applicable to real world classroom and public education constraints. Bringing UES off-campus where it will have a cross section of students and real neighborhood conditions does not represent a departure from the school's tradition of innovation and leadership. It represents another leap forward.

Will UES retain its autonomy? I have seen the outline of the agreement with Santa Monica Unified and I am satisfied that the answer is yes. If I am fortunate enough to have my daughter attend UES, I will see to it that the fertile ground for innovation and development is never compromised.

Santa Monica Unified will also benefit from stimulation and new ideas of having a lab school within its system. Just think of the cross-fertilization between teachers, parents, administrators and board members!


Santa Monica

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