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Summer and Smoke: Tips for BBQ Grilling

June 21, 1990|From Associated Press

NEW YORK — The National Pork Producers Council has the following tips for grilling safety:

--Always read the owner's manual before using a new barbecue grill.

--Never use gasoline or other highly volatile fluids as a starter; they may explode.

--Barbecue grills should not be used within 5 feet of any combustible material.

--For fewer hazardous sparks, experts recommend using a covered grill.

--Never use a barbecue grill unless all parts of the unit are firmly in place.

--Barbecue grills should be kept at a level position at all times; an unstable unit can easily be tipped over.

--Infants, children and pets should never be left unattended near a hot barbecue grill.

--Never add liquid starter to hot or even warm coals.

--After unplugging, remove a hot electric starter carefully and remember where you placed it.

--Always use flame-resistant barbecue mitts and barbecue tools with long, heat-resistant handles.

--Barbecue mitts should be worn to adjust hot vents. Wear a heavy apron to protect clothing from grease and sparks. Never wear loose clothing around a hot barbecue grill; it could inadvertently catch on fire.

--Never touch charcoal or grill to see if it's hot.

--Electric cords should be placed away from walkways.

--Charcoal grills should never be used indoors; toxic fumes could be fatal. Starter fluid should be capped immediately and placed a safe distance from the grill.

--Never attempt to move a hot barbecue grill.

--Never discard hot coals where someone may step on them or where they could start a fire.

--Make sure coals are cold before putting the barbecue grill away.

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