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COMEDY : George Wallace--the Funny One


"What is it all you white people do Friday and Saturday nights that makes you put all your furniture on the lawn Sunday morning anyway?"

That's George Wallace talking about yard sales. Not the segregationist Alabama governor, needless to say. This is the other George Wallace, who will be in Anaheim Saturday heading a four-comic bill at the Celebrity Theatre.

Wallace has been working the clubs since 1977, the year he walked away from a successful marketing career: He landed a day job writing for the old "Redd Foxx Show" and started honing his stage skills at night. He has become a favorite guest of Jay Leno on the "The Tonight Show" and is developing a nice sideline as a film actor. He was in "Punchline" and will show up again in "Postcards From the Edge" and "A Rage in Harlem," a thriller starring Danny Glover and Gregory Hines (our man plays a tough cop named Gravedigger Jones).

Wallace swears, though, that stand-up comedy will remain his first priority. Outside the confines of a written role, he finds the freedom to take on his favorite targets, such as conversational cliches, pricey hotels, driving and the stupid things they advertise on TV.

Like Civil War chess sets. "You know," he says, "that's something I really enjoy--sitting around and reliving the Civil War."

What's next, he muses--a slave version of Monopoly? "Everywhere you land on the board, it's 'Go to jail, go to jail, go to jail.' "

What: "Five O'Clock Funnies All-Star Comedy Show" starring George Wallace, Stephanie Hodge, Dr. Gonzo and Fred Greenlee. Disc jockey Geno Michellini will host.

When: Saturday at 8 p.m.

Where: The Celebrity Theatre, 201 E. Broadway, Anaheim.

Whereabouts: Take Harbor Boulevard south from the Riverside Freeway or north from the Santa Ana and head east on Broadway. The Celebrity is on the left, just past Anaheim Boulevard.

Wherewithal: $18.50

Where to call: Celebrity box office, (714) 999-9536. Tickets also available through Ticketmaster outlets, located in Music Plus and May Company stores, or through the Ticketmaster charge line: (714) 740-2000.

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