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High Life: A WEEKLY FORUM FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS : How Would It Be to Possess Superhuman Powers? Why, Just Super

June 29, 1990

Did you ever wish you could streak across the sky like Superman or float through walls like Casper? Who can watch Saturday morning cartoons or read about the Olympian gods and goddesses without envying their superhuman capabilities?

At one time or another all of us have desired an ability or two that would set us apart from ordinary mortals. Hot Topics wonders, "If you could have any super power, which would you choose? Why?"

"To be able to hear things really far away, so you could hear things people said about you."

Jeanine Cronin, 17, senior, Laguna Hills

"Putting thoughts in friends' heads without talking, because sometimes the words come out wrong."

Ann Winterman, 14, sophomore, Estancia

"To turn people into frogs and stuff, because I could get back at people I didn't like."

Christine Linville, 17, sophomore,

Wintersburg (Huntington Beach)

"To be really tiny when I wanted to, because you could go see what everybody else was doing and they wouldn't know you were there."

Elmira Alchoundzadah, 14, sophomore, Estancia

"Eternal youth, because you're the most energetic when you're young."

Dan Vela, 16, junior, Laguna Hills

"Strength, because if there was an earthquake I could save people."

Robert Garvin, 16, junior, Trabuco Hills

"To fly, because I already have strength."

Yoshi Ochi, 15, sophomore, Laguna Hills

"To go into any book I wanted and play a character. I could be somebody else and forget about my life."

Kathleen Hagan, 14, sophomore, Mission Viejo

"To go back in time. I would go back to medieval times."

Theresa Delaturne, 14, freshman, Santa Ana

"I would want the power to make people get along so they wouldn't fight."

Rogy Oviatt, 14, senior, University

"To be able to be transported by electricity, because you could get places really fast."

Eric Carter, 16, junior, Calvary Chapel

"To be somebody else for a day. I could be a famous person who was really rich and see how they live. Or I could be one of my friends just to see what it was like."

Lisa Reynoso, 16, junior, Saddleback

"To be able to talk to animals so you could learn about them and understand them."

Nealy Gary, 17, senior, San Clemente

"I would have the power to stop time. If there was any traffic, you could stop it. Or if you wanted to sleep, you could just stop the rest of the world."

Dave Yarbrough, 14, freshman, Laguna Hills

"To change to whatever age I wanted. I would be 16 so I could drive."

Ron Wennerstrom, 14, freshman, Servite

"X-ray vision. Why do you think?"

Tim Roos, 14, freshman, Santa Margarita

"To never be able to be hurt. If I was playing a game, I wouldn't have to worry at all about being injured."

Ryan Hick, 14, sophomore, Laguna Hills

"To read minds, because I look at people's faces and I wonder what they're thinking."

Xochitl Gil, 15, sophomore, Mater Dei

"To be invisible. I could follow other people and listen to them."

Renee Carey, 16, junior, Irvine

"To jump really high, about 10 feet, so I could slam dunk."

Tricia Lindquist, 14 sophomore, Ocean View

"I would want to be able to cheer everybody up because I hate seeing everybody down."

Megan Keith, 15, sophomore, Estancia

"I'd want the power to move objects with my mind so I could get back at people I didn't like. I could play tricks on people."

Sue Hoang, 17, senior, Edison

"I would want the power to move from one place to another by thinking about it. You could go visit Europe."

Harry Ramos, 14, freshman, Servite

"I would want the power to hear what people are thinking so I would know when they were lying."

Kris Leonard, 13, freshman, Mission Viejo

"I would like to breathe underwater so I could go visit the reefs without using scuba gear."

Kirk Wurffell, 16, junior, Mission Viejo

Next Week's Hot Topic:

What famous words do you live by?

Responses gathered by Dawn Stone at Laguna Hills Mall and South Coast Plaza.

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