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SANTA ANA : Proposals May Alter Terms of Office

July 02, 1990|GREG HERNANDEZ

The City Council tonight will consider placing 13 amendments to the City Charter on the November ballot, one of which would extend the length of the mayor's term from two years to four.

The proposed amendment also would limit the mayor to two consecutive terms. There is currently no limit.

The mayor, formerly appointed by members of the council, has been directly elected by the voters since 1988.

The council also will consider amendments dealing with the selection and duties of the city manager and city attorney. Councilman John Acosta has suggested that the hiring and firing of both positions be made possible by a majority vote of the seven-member council rather than the current two-thirds requirement. The city clerk, the council's third appointed official, can be hired or fired by a majority vote.

"This would bring everything into conformity," Acosta said. "About 99% of all other council action requires only a majority vote. I think all business of the council, except for the appropriation of funds, should be conducted by a majority vote."

In February, Acosta and Councilman Richards L. Norton voted not to extend City Manager David N. Ream's three-year contract without an evaluation, but they were on the losing end of a 5-2 vote. Acosta also unsuccessfully attempted to have City Atty. Edward J. Cooper placed on administrative leave in October, 1989.

Another amendment to be considered by the council would require that the city manager, city attorney and city clerk be reviewed and evaluated annually on or before their anniversary date.

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