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Ventura County News Roundup

VENTURA : Lotto Winner to Pay $1 Million to Attack Victim

July 08, 1990|PSYCHE PASCUAL

A Ventura County Superior Court judge has signed a settlement agreement requiring a lottery winner convicted of sexually attacking a Ventura woman to pay her nearly $1 million of his winnings.

The settlement agreement was reached last year and finalized last week by Superior Court Judge Joe D. Hadden. It entitles Ventura resident Becky Rasnick, 28, and her husband, Ben, to about a sixth of the $5.86-million Lotto jackpot won by her attacker, Ray Wilson, 20.

The Rasnicks will receive $150,000 this year, and $140,000 each year for the next six years, according to the agreement.

Wilson, who won the jackpot two years ago on a Quick Pick ticket, will be left with about $3.7 million after taxes, to be paid over a 20-year period.

A former fast-food worker from Tarzana, Wilson was convicted last year of attempted rape and sentenced to a year in Ventura County Jail.

Becky Rasnick, a church teacher and mother of two, was jogging on Jan. 21, 1989, on a deserted country road near her Ventura home when she met Wilson standing by his truck. She said Wilson left his truck and began chasing her, dragging her into a ditch. Rasnick escaped after she flagged down a passing car.

Wilson was arrested three weeks later after authorities traced his truck's license number to his Santa Monica apartment.

Shortly after the conviction, the Rasnicks filed a lawsuit against Wilson seeking part of his winnings.

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