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Does Pete Wilson Have A Heart?

July 08, 1990

I agree Wilson is a man of ambition. But I disagree when you say he is not passionate in politics.

You left out any mention of foreign policy.

In 1985, Wilson came to speak to a scant crowd at Santa Monica College. I positioned myself in front to question him about the presidential elections in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

When I spoke I pointed out that Nicaragua had completed a election that drew praise from around the world for its fairness. And that reports of the El Salvadoran elections were the opposite.

After I interrupted his otherwise business-like, boring speech, his cordiality faded. He was visibly irritated, and as he shook his finger at me he explained that he had been to Central America observing the elections. He tried to argue that El Salvador was a true democracy and the Nicaraguans had elected Daniel Ortega with a gun pointed at their heads.

I think history has proved otherwise. And in the Nicaraguan elections this year, the only gun pointed at any voters was that from the likes of Operation Just Cause. The process was clear for "Wilson's candidate" to win, not Nicaragua's.

Pete Wilson has passion--as the Marine he was . . and is.


Los Angeles

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