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How To Ride The Trains

July 16, 1990|Times researcher Cecilia Rasmussen

Riding the Blue Line will be free for the first two weeks of operations, but, starting Aug. 1, passengers will be charged $1.10. Following is information about purchasing tickets and using the line:

* Self-service ticket-vending machines take up to $5 bills and give change. RTD monthly bus passes, which cost $42, may be used on trains without additional cost. Long Beach Transit monthly bus passes, which cost $25, may be used, together with a 10-cent interagency transfer ticket.

* Tickets entitle the purchaser to ride the entire length of the 19-mile Blue Line. Tickets purchased in the morning may not be used in the evening.

* Once riders have bought tickets, they will wait in a specially marked "paid" area of the platform until their train arrives.

* Uniformed sheriff's deputies will make random checks to ensure fare compliance. Violators are subject to citations or being removed at the next stop and made to buy a ticket.

* Trains will arrive every 10 minutes during rush hours and every 15 minutes in off-hours.

* Passengers do not have to pass through any turnstiles or barriers, allowing for easy boarding.

* The Long Beach Transit will operate six shuttle buses every 10 to 20 minutes from the Anaheim Street station. The shuttles will run south on Long Beach Boulevard, west on 1st Street, north on Pacific Avenue, east on 8th Street and north on Long Beach Boulevard.

* In Los Angeles, the Southern California Rapid Transit District will be meeting northbound trains at the Pico and Flower station and running shuttles every 5 minutes. Buses will run east on 12th Street, north on Hope Street, east on 11th Street, north on Figueroa Street, west on 6th Street and south on Flower Street.

* For more information call (213) 620-RAIL

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