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Nixon Library : Nixon Facts

July 17, 1990

* Nixon was the third president against whom impeachment proceedings were drawn up. John Tyler in 1843 and Andrew Johnson in 1868 were the other two.

* He was the first president to be pardoned by his successor, Gerald R. Ford, for possible offenses against the United States.

* Severe Santa Ana winds preceded his birth on Jan. 9, 1913, the worst such winds in more than 25 years.

* When his father built the Nixons' Yorba Linda home in 1912, he planted 10 acres of citrus trees that provided the family income.

* As a teen-ager, he worked as a handyman in a packinghouse, a janitor at a swimming pool and a barker at an amusement park.

* After he graduated from law school, he returned to Whittier to practice law and formed a company to produce and market frozen orange juice. The company went bankrupt in 18 months.

* He met his wife, Thelma Catherine (Pat) Ryan, during tryouts for a community play in Whittier.

* The First Lady's garden outside the Nixon library features the dark red Pat Nixon Rose as well as iris and herb gardens.

* The wedding dresses of the Nixon daughters, Tricia and Julie, will be rotated for nine months each in the museum. According to curatorial guidelines, having the dresses on display for more than nine months at a time could damage the fabric of the garments.

* Among the gifts of state to be displayed in the library will be coins discovered with the Dead Sea scrolls and a 6th-Century BC bronze statue of the goddess Isis.

* The California Assembly named a small stretch of Imperial Highway in Yorba Linda the Richard Nixon Freeway but stripped the road of its title after the Watergate scandal.

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