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Readers Have Their Say on Dannemeyer

July 22, 1990

We found the profile of Rep. William Dannemeyer ("The True Believer," July 11), describing him as a true believer and sincere, to be tortured and misleading.

Dannemeyer is a mean-spirited person with an agenda of hate. He thinks government should be funding "reparative therapy" for millions of lesbians and gay men--happy, productive citizens who see nothing about their sexuality that is in need of "repair." Dannemeyer also advocates the "criminalization" of homosexuality and "quarantining" of gays. So what if he is sincere about all this? We assume Hitler was equally sincere.

The fact is Dannemeyer continually uses misinformation and distortion to try to make his extreme points. He accuses the gay and lesbian community of wanting "special rights" when all lesbians and gays seek are the same rights as are currently enjoyed by non-gays. Dannemeyer claims he "likes a good fight" but seems allergic to a fair one.

It is offensive for Dannemeyer to assert that gays and lesbians are responsible for the "erosion of the traditional family," when the fact that only a quarter of Americans currently live in traditional nuclear families has little to do with homosexuality.



Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation

Los Angeles

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