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Roll Call On The State Budget

July 29, 1990|From the Associated Press

SACRAMENTO — Here are the votes by which the Assembly and Senate on Saturday approved a $55-billion state budget for the 1990-91 fiscal year. The Assembly vote was 55 to 14 and the Senate vote was 28 to 9:


Democrats for--Areias, Bates, Bronzan, W. Brown, Burton, Campbell, Cannella, Chacon, Clute, Connelly, Cortese, Costa, Eastin, Elder, Epple, Floyd, Friedman, Hannigan, Hauser, Hayden, Hughes, Isenberg, Johnston, Katz, Klehs, Lempert, Margolin, Moore, O'Connell, Peace, Polanco, Roos, Roybal-Allard, Sher, Speier, Tanner, Tucker, Vasconcellos, M. Waters, N. Waters. Total: 40.

Republicans for--Allen, Baker, Bentley, Filante, Frizzelle, Hansen, Johnson, Jones, Kelley, La Follette, Lancaster, Marston, Nolan, Statham, Woodruff. Total: 15.

Democrats against--None.

Republicans against--Bader, D. Brown, Chandler, Felando, Ferguson, Harvey, Hunter, Leslie, McClintock, Mountjoy, Pringle, Quackenbush, Wright, Wyman. Total: 14.

Absent or not voting--Bane-D, Eaves-D, Farr-D, Frazee-R, Harris-D, Lewis-R, Mojonnier-R, Murray-D. Total: 8.

Three vacancies.


Democrats for--Alquist, Ayala, Boatwright, Calderon, Deddeh, Dills, Garamendi, C. Green, L. Greene, Hart, Keene, Killea, Lockyer, Marks, Mello, Presley, Robbins, Roberti, Torres, Vuich. Total: 20.

Republicans for--Beverly, Craven, Davis, Maddy, Nielsen, Russell, Seymour. Total: 7.

Independent for--Kopp. Total: 1.

Democrats against--B. Greene, McCorquodale, Petris, Rosenthal, Watson. Total: 5.

Republicans against--Bergeson, Doolittle, Hill, Rogers. Total: 4.

Absent or not voting--Leonard-R, Morgan-R, Royce-R, Total: 3.

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