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Probe of Parking Structure a 'Waste of Time and Dollars'

August 02, 1990

To ask the Los Angeles County Grand Jury to investigate the Garfield Medical Center parking structure (Times, Letters, July 29) is a waste of time, energy and taxpayer dollars as well as establishing a new high in the art of buck-passing by Monterey Park's officials.

My reasons are as follows:

1. The plans for the parking structure have remained unchanged since the day they were submitted to the Planning Department and the structure was built to the plan.

2. The plans were available to the public at all times.

3. Prior to approval, testimony was given at every public meeting regarding the number of parking spaces and tiers in the structure.

4. The Monterey Park zoning code defines stories, but does not define levels.

5. A parking structure is defined by the Uniform Building Code.

6. The Garfield Medical Center parking structure meets the requirements of the Uniform Building Code.

7. The parking structure conforms to the height limit as set forth in the Monterey Park zoning code.

8. Although allegations of improprieties and specifically bribe-taking by the staff and/or City Council member(s) have been made during public meetings, a thorough investigation of the charges has revealed no wrongdoing by anyone.

Unfortunately, an often-heard cry at the Monterey Park City Council meetings is: "The sky is falling! The sky is falling!" And that is too bad because it prevents the real problems of the community from getting solved.


Monterey Park

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