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Which anchor people do you watch regularly and why?

August 05, 1990

For this week's cover story, TV Times asked Los Angeles anchors, including KCOP's Warren Olney, below, what qualities they believe makes a good anchor. Now it's your turn. Which anchor people do you watch regularly and what qualities do you look for? Send responses to Tell TV Times, TV Times, Times Mirror Square, Los Angeles, Calif. 90053. Or fax them to (213) 237-7630. Letters must be signed with full name and address.

Here are the responses to the July 15 question: Which TV family most closely resembles your family?

My answer has to be the Steadmans of "thirtysomething." Our family is like the Steadmans because we--unlike the Bundys of "Married . . . With Children"--have compassionate and genuine concern for one another. Each member in our family helps each other through any hardship, tribulation and sadness that comes through in our life, just like the Steadmans.

The Steadmans have the qualitative family life, which reflects love, honesty and warmth. Our family also has all that plus family loyalty and unity. We all do our part to make other members' lives better, such as helping in family business and housework, and we share our thoughts, concerns and complaints in orderly fashion to avoid hurting each other's feelings.

April Shin, Santa Ana

We're the Bundys of "Married . . . With Children." Life isn't a bowl of cherries for us or the Bundys. We have an 11-year-old and a 12-year-old so life can be crazy, strange and sometimes gets out of hand.

A lot of people we know can relate to the Bundys, even though they wouldn't admit it.

Kathi Mathews, Cypress

My family is closest to the Seavers on "Growing Pains." My mom looks so much like Maggie Seaver; she's even had people tell her about the resemblance many times. My dad has the same sort of humor as father Jason. My older brother is exactly like Mike Seaver because neither of them get good grades and they are always sneaking around. My little brother resembles Ben Seaver in the way that they are both so funny. I'm kind of like Carol Seaver because I get better grades than my brothers, and we get along with each other in a similar way.

Alison Pritchard, Laguna Hills

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