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Promoting Soccer Requires Teamwork

August 09, 1990

In response to Thomas Militello's letter (Times, July 26):

* I believe newspaper coverage of the Los Angeles Heat has been negative. The Heat staff should write a couple of articles a week about the team and present them to the papers. The papers should try to play news about the team on the first or second page of the sports section.

* Representatives from the Heat have gone to the American Youth Soccer Organization and club programs in various cities to promote soccer. The soccer programs should be contacting the Heat for promotional discounts.

* The public-address announcer should be more enthusiastic.

* The Heat should have their own cheerleaders, much like the Laker girls, in conjunction with a booster club.

Lack of dedication by Heat employees is not the issue. Support from the media and the community can do more to improve the morale and strength of the Heat.


Hermosa Beach

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