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Angered by Judge's Ruling on Remapping

August 12, 1990

I have followed the MALDEF case against the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors with great interest. Judge Kenyon's ruling has removed all doubt in my mind as to what the case was really all about.

It had nothing to do with electing a Latino to the board; it had to do with shifting the balance of power and creating a new liberal majority on the Board of Supervisors. If the true motive was the electing of a Latino, then Sara Flores should have been allowed to win the November election.

Kenyon's calling the supervisor's latest map a "nonsensical distortion," yet accepting MALDEF's map proves the point. The MALDEF map is clearly gerrymandered to achieve their political goals at the expense of the East San Gabriel Valley, which has now been split into three districts.

This region, which currently accepts about half the county's trash, has again been selected as the county's dumping zone.

My city, Diamond Bar, has been placed into Supervisor Deane Dana's coastal district. Our post office is a substation of the Pomona Post Office and many of us reside in the Pomona School District, yet we are now in separate supervisorial districts.

The residents of Diamond Bar have much more in common with Pomona, Claremont and San Dimas than we do with Manhattan Beach.


Diamond Bar

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