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Hot Items: BBQ Grill Holder, Stir-Fry Pan and Roto-Fryer

September 01, 1990|RON GASBARRO

Dining outside is one of summer's joys. Especially when you can barbecue on the back deck.

But when using a kettle grill, accidents can happen. Kettle grills are low to the ground, so your curious toddler can reach out and touch the hot coals. A kettle grill's rounded design makes it easy to kick over. Then there's the problem of straining your back while stooping to turn the steak.

All of these problems can be solved with the Kettlemate grill holder. It attaches inside or outside your deck rail and cradles your grill at waist level--out of harm's way. This product requires no installation. Just slip it over the rail and place the grill inside.

The Kettlemate comes in two sizes; one to hold 14-inch grills ($29.95), and one for 18-inch and 22-inch grills ($49.95) like those from Weber and Smokey Joe. It will not fit the Weber One-Touch Grill.

Order through the Chef's Catalogue, (800) 338-3232.

Stir-frying can liberate you from a hot kitchen faster. If you find big woks unwieldy, the All-Clad Stir-Fry pan is the answer. The wok-like style makes it ideal for Oriental or low-fat cooking on your kitchen range. Its 4-inch base opens bowl-like to 10 inches at the rim. It is 3 inches deep, making it big enough to cook large recipes but compact enough to maneuver it on the stove top.

The handle is stay-cool. As with traditional woks, you will want to wipe it clean with a paper towel rather than put it in the dishwasher.

The All-Clad Stir-Fry in polished aluminum is $98, in brushed aluminum $75. It can be found where kitchenware is sold. Or call All-Clad Metalcrafters Inc. at (412) 745-8300.

French fries go great with grilled meats. But deep-fried foods require a watchful eye to avoid burning and dangerous splattering.

The DeLonghi Roto-Fryer is an automatic electric fryer that uses only half as much oil as regular deep-frying. The secret is its rotating basket.

"The rotating basket is at an angle to circulate food in and out of the oil," says Joanna Cumberland, a representative for the DeLonghi company.

A thermostat dial lets you control the temperature of the oil. A 20-minute timer shuts off the unit, and a small window in the lid allows an easy check on the food.

The fryer comes with filters to trap food odors--essential for fish. It is about $169 at kitchen specialty shops. Or call DeLonghi at (201) 507-1110.

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