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'Developers, Spare Those Trees'

September 02, 1990

After reading "Developers, Spare Those Trees" (Aug. 28), I am mad! I wholly support Lorlaine Davis, the Trabuco Women's Club and the Sierra Club in their efforts to save the trees in Live Oak Canyon.

It is the last unspoiled rural area in the county and should be a county treasure that is left to be enjoyed by all. Its beauty and peacefulness feed the spirit.

The developers in Orange County, who are shortsighted and see only their own point of view, seem to operate by one motto only: "The end justifies the means."

Another case in point is the Laguna Niguel parkland fiasco.

This article and the article yesterday, "O.C. Running Short of High-Quality Parkland," (Aug. 27), regarding the shrinking parkland in Orange County, have made clear that the developers and county officials are insensitive to the issues of quality of life and environment in Orange County.

Their statements are self-serving and characterize the public who are trying to force these people to be responsible for their actions as naive, spoiled, grasping children. It is insulting!

It is time for all residents of Orange County to finally take a stand and let our county officials know that we will not accept the rubber-stamp, laissez-faire relationship the county apparently has with developers in Orange County.


Huntington Beach

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