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2 Sought for Burglaries in Monrovia


MONROVIA — Police last week told residents to be on the lookout for two suspected burglars who are believed responsible for robbing at least 18 homes since late July while their victims were inside.

The so-called hot-prowlers, who have not harmed any of the occupants, are also suspected of burglaries in Arcadia and neighboring unincorporated areas, authorities said.

Monrovia Police Chief Joseph Santoro urged residents to report any suspicious activity, but he warned against confronting the burglars, who he said may become dangerous if they are startled or feel trapped.

"Hot-prowlers are among the most difficult of criminals to capture because they specialize in quickness and stealth," Santoro said.

Most of the crimes have occurred between 8 p.m. and 3:30 a.m., and in almost every case the prowler entered by taking off a screen and climbing through an open window, police said.

The suspects frequently look for purses or wallets left out in plain sight, and they usually take cash or jewelry.

One suspect, who has struck repeatedly in the western part of town, is described by witnesses as a male Anglo or Latino in his 20s who has been wearing black clothing.

A second suspect, a black male also in his 20s, has committed burglaries in the southeastern and north-central areas of the city. On one occasion, he reportedly simulated having a gun when confronted by a victim, but he never actually revealed one, police said.

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