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Thrown for a Loop by Rodeo Drive


DEAR HOT: I have some relatives coming to town who saw the film "Pretty Woman" and loved it. I thought it would be fun to take them to some of the shops Julia Roberts went to in Beverly Hills. Could you list them?

--A.M., West L.A.

DEAR A.M.: That movie was the ultimate shopper's dream, wasn't it? What we'd give to be able to spend limitlessly on Rodeo Drive--and have a pizza thrown in as well. Fortunately, you don't need a Swiss bank account to check out some of the stores that either provided merchandise or were featured in the movie, namely:

* Boulmiche (9501 Santa Monica Blvd.) offers ready-to-wear designs from young European designers.

* Valentino (414 N. Rodeo Drive) is where Roberts picked up many of her exquisite suits, that red gown and the dress she wore in the polo match scene.

* Fred Joaillier (401 N. Rodeo Drive) features pricey gemstone baubles and watches.

* Gucci (347 N. Rodeo Drive) hardly needs explaining for those familiar with the leather handbags, luggage, shoes and accessories that made logo-flaunting a national past-time.

* Mr. Guy (previously on Rodeo, now at 301 N. Canon Drive) wasn't filmed for the movie, but the store did provide Richard Gere's finely tailored Cerruti 1881 suits.

* The Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel (9500 Wilshire Blvd.) is where the couple lived out their Cinderella fantasy. If you can't afford the Presidential Suite at $3,000 a day, it's a nice place to have afternoon tea and watch the world go by.

By the way, Entertainment Weekly magazine totaled up what Roberts' wardrobe would have cost had Gere actually purchased it for her: a stunning $26,804.48, including some outfits custom-made by the film's wardrobe designer, Marilyn Vance-Straker. When life imitates art, it can get pretty expensive.

DEAR HOT: I'm one of those "big, beautiful women." My problem is, despite all the new stores specializing in clothing for people my size, I haven't found any that carry really sexy lingerie. There's plenty of basic, utilitarian underwear and a some very elegant robes and teddies out there for women in larger sizes, but they're still too prim for me. I want something that sizzles.

--G.K., Pacific Palisades

DEAR G.K.: There's a new catalogue for the Delta Burke set that should suit your needs just swell. It's called Oh! Such Style and features bustiers, bikini underwear, garter belts, laced-topped thigh-high stockings and one item that shall go unmentioned here. Trust us: It's in the truly trashy tradition.

In addition, the catalogue has more conservative styles, such as terry-cloth robes, peignoirs, teddies, caftans and slips. Styles are designed for full-figured women equivalent to dress sizes 16 through 28. Prices range from $5 for a pair of nylon stretch stockings to $126 for a three-piece satin pajama set. For a free copy of Oh! Such Style, call (800) 835-2246 ext. 272.

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