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As Autumn Turns on the Soaps

September 09, 1990|LIBBY SLATE

Each September most industry and viewer attention turns to prime-time television, but the daytime soaps also have a fall season, filled with new beginnings as well as continued story lines.

"With the end of summer's break in viewing habits, you feel as if you're regrouping your forces for the next nine months. You have all your troops back," says William Bell Sr., co-creator and executive producer of CBSU "The Young and the Restless" and "The Bold and the Beautiful," and head writer of the former.

Adds Douglas Marland, head writer of CBSU "As the World Turns": "This is a time when you introduce major new characters. I think the audience likes the feeling of, 'Aha, we're setting off on new story lines-something new is starting in the fall."'

Here are the soaps' major autumnal intrigues:


"As the World Turns"--New character Daryll Crawford figures in several story lines and possibly Frannie's love life. The Holden-Lily-Linc triangle threatens to tear apart the Snyder family and affect many other characters. With Barbara and Hal's baby due in October, suspense mounts regarding the baby's true paternity.

"The Bold and the Beautiful"--Will sparks again fly between widower Ridge and Brooke? Sally and Clarke inaugurate a fashion line rivaling Forrester Creations, while Sally learns she has a "secret weapon" against her competition. Storm and Taylor's relationship sizzles, as does the Jake-Felicia-Margo situation.

"Guiding Light"--Holly decides to accept Alex's offer to gain revenge on Roger. While plotting to stage his own death, Phillip finds his fate in the hands of ex-wife India, who returns to team up with Gary and create trouble for Phillip and new love Beth. Mallet's growing feelings for Mindy matter not, as she believes he has double-crossed her.

"The Young and the Restless"--A compromising situation involving Danny, Cricket, Nina, Chase and David may threaten Danny's musical career. Brad and Ashley's blossoming romance does not guarantee eternal happiness. Developments in Victor, Nikki and Jack's relationship will have long-range effects on all three.


"Another World"--New character Ryan, a police officer, proves an antidote for Vicky's obsession for ex-husband Jamie, as she goes undercover as part of Ryan's mobster-surveillance team. Amanda learns the truth about ex-husband Sam, but his love of Olivia hinders her reconciliation attempts. With Sharlene's split personalities becoming integrated, she must choose between John and Grant.

"Days of Our Lives"--Jack and Jennifer's romance leads to a life-changing adventure. Bo's new-found career gets out of hand, threatening the safety of his loved ones. Roman and Isabella discover that their futures are entangled in a most unexpected way.

"Generations"--Sam and Kyle endure considerable Angst. Sam becomes a woman in jeopardy with her discovery of the truth about Jordan's art ring. Learning that she won Eric's homicide conviction based on perjured testimony, Chantal tries to prove his innocence, and falls in love with him.

"Santa Barbara"--Quinn impersonates a kidnaped Robert, and falls in love with Kelly, which leads Flame to desperate acts. Craig determines to win back Kelly. Idealistic new character Dash, leader of the Blue Sky environmentalists, provides a welcome respite for Julia's worries about husband Mason's big-business manipulations.


"All My Children"--Will Tad be able to rescue Dixie from danger? In his quest for Natalie, Trevor becomes obsessed with reuniting Brooke and Adam. Barbara and Tom, Erica and Travis find themselves on a fateful collision course.

"General Hospital"--A hostage situation involves all major characters and results in some new romantic pairings. Kate and Robert encounter romance and danger while out of town. With the birth of their baby, Felicia embarks on a new career while Frisco becomes involved in a more personal story.

"Loving"--After a tragedy, Shana becomes involved with a victims' rights group. Two new love triangles develop: new character Carly, her sister Ava, and Paul, and Rocky-Rio-Curtis. Louie and Kate's desire to marry is hampered by their children's problems.

"One Life to Live"--Dan attempts to sort out his feelings for Laura Jean as he prepares to marry Brenda. Cord and Tina seek happiness as she tries to keep an ominous secret from destroying them. Dynamic lawyer Troy stirs up Llanview.

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