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'The Simpsons' Named Best Animated Series in Early Awards


Hairstyling, Miniseries or Special: Janice Alexander, Dorothy Andre, "Fall From Grace," NBC; Cedric Chami, "The Phantom of the Opera, Part One," NBC.

Hairstyling, Series: Linle White, Peggy Shannon, "The Tracey Ullman Show," Fox.

Art Direction, Miniseries or Special: Timian Alsaker, Jacques Bufnoir, "The Phantom of the Opera, Part Two," NBC.

Art Direction, Variety or Music Program: Roy Christopher, Greg Richman, "The 62nd Annual Academy Awards," ABC.

Sound Editing, Series: William Wistrom, James Wolvington, Mace Matiosian, Wilson Dyer, Rick Freeman, Gerry Sackman, "Star Trek: The Next Generation," syndicated.

Sound Editing, Miniseries or Special: Vince Gutierrez, Randal S. Thomas, Ken Gladden, Mace Matiosian, Joseph A. Johnston, T.W. Davis, Douglas N. Gray, John Orr, Gary Gelfand, Andre Caporaso, Russell Brower, David Scharf, Phillip Jamtaas, John Caper Jr., "Challenger," ABC; Burton Weinstein, Michael Gutierrez, Randal S. Thomas, Joseph A. Johnston, Ken Gladden, George R. Groves, Phillip Jamtaas, Sam Black, Andre Caporaso, Clark Conrad, Gary Gelfand, John Orr, David Scharf, Terence Thomas, T.W. Davis, Abby Treloggen, "Family of Spies, Part One," CBS.

Sound Mixing, Drama Miniseries or Special: Fred Schultz, William McCaughey, Richard D. Rogers, Grover Helsley, "Cross of Fire, Part One," NBC.

Sound Mixing, Drama Series: Lowell Harris, Don Cahn, Artie Torgersen, Jim Cook, "China Beach," ABC.

Sound Mixing, Variety, Music Series or Special: Gordon Klimuck, Barton Michael Chiate, "The Arsenio Hall Show," syndicated.

Sound Mixing, Comedy Series or Special: Robert Crosby Jr., Thomas J. Huth, Sam Black, Bobby Douglass, "Cheers," NBC.

Lighting Direction, Comedy Series: George Spiro Dibie, "Just the Ten of Us," ABC.

Lighting Direction, Drama Series, Variety Series, Miniseries or Special: Olin Younger, "The 17th Annual American Music Awards," ABC; John Rook, "The Earth Day Special," ABC.

Technical Direction, Series: Terry Rohnke, Steve Jambeck, Joe DeBonis, Jan Kasoff, John Pinto, Robert Reese, Bruce Shapiro, "Saturday Night Live," NBC.

Technical Direction, Miniseries or Special: Keith Winikoff, Gary Childs, Dave Banks, Sam Drummy, Hank Geving, Dean Hall, Dave Levisohn, Bill Philben, Hector Ramirez, "The Magic of David Copperfield XII: The Niagara Falls Challenge," CBS.

Engineering Development: Comark Communications Inc. and Varian/Eimac for the Klystrode UHF High Power Amplifier Tube and Transmitter; Zazcom Video, Inc., for the TBC Control System; Alan Gordon Enterprises for the 300 35mm High Speed Camera.

Casting, Miniseries or Special: Holly Powell, Randy Stone, "The Incident" (from "AT&T Presents"), CBS. (The TV academy said this Emmy was awarded by a special jury rather than by the voting membership and therefore was not included in the overall tally of awards won either by the program or the network).

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