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Putting Electric Cars on the Road

September 20, 1990

In response to "DWP, Edison to Invest in Electric Car," front page, Sept. 7:

At long last a dream is in the process of coming true! Rather than finding fault for dealing with a foreign country to help us put these cars on the roads of Southern California, let us all take a good look at the utility companies. Look at all the local gas, electric, water and telephone companies presently serving the communities throughout the U.S. Added to that should be all police, fire and civic bodies that use cars. And don't forget the administrations of all the levels of each city, county, state and federal governments. Many of them now use gasoline cars that can easily be replaced with electric cars.

What a tremendous potential for Swedish Clean Air Transport!

Or would you rather have our Big Three step into the breach? Will General Motors, Chrysler or Ford finally get with it and come up with a competitive electric car? Or will they continue to team up with big oil?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this move by the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison has also caught the attention of the oil-producing Arab countries to allow them to convince Saddam Hussein he should "back off" and stop rocking the boat?

Wouldn't it also be wonderful if this caught the attention of our warmongers and caused them to stop making war and concentrate on:

1. The useless waste of lives on foreign soil and bringing our troops back home?

2. The chance to put millions of auto workers back to work in the car industries of our country?



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