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South Gate : Recall Drive to Continue Despite Spragg Settlement

September 20, 1990

Proponents say they will continue recall efforts against three councilmen despite the City Council's recent settlement with former City Administrator Bruce Spragg, who was fired in August.

Recall notices were filed with the city clerk's office last week against Mayor Robert A. Philipp, Vice Mayor Gregory Slaughter and Councilman Larry Leonard by recall leaders angry over the firing.

A day after the filing, the council agreed to pay Spragg $63,500 as a severance settlement. The council also rescinded its firing of Spragg, who then submitted his resignation.

Spragg, 57, announced Aug. 13 that he planned to retire in March. The council then asked him to resign; when he refused, they fired him.

Meanwhile, police are investigating a charge by Slaughter that former Councilman Odell Snavely committed a battery on him while serving him with a recall notice during a council meeting last week.

Slaughter said he was sitting down when Snavely grabbed him by the shoulder before spinning him around and thrusting the papers at him. Slaughter said an old muscle pull in his right shoulder was reinjured in the alleged incident.

Snavely could not be reached for comment. Snavely, who had been a member of the council for 11 years, did not seek reelection in April.

Police say after the investigation is completed, the information will be turned over to the district attorney's office, which will determine if formal charges will be brought against Snavely.

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