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Getting Along on the Road

September 20, 1990

Bad road habits only worsen the already contentious relationship between cyclists and motorists. Here are a few complaints from each camp.

Bicyclists hate when motorists:

* Suddenly make right turns across bike lanes without so much as a glance over their shoulders for cyclists cruising along next to them.

* Back out of driveways without looking for bike traffic.

* Suddenly open driver's side doors into bike lanes (often done after a motorist has slowly cruised in a bike lane looking for a parking space, forcing cyclists to brake or stop).

* Cruise up a few feet behind cyclists and blast their horns to announce their presence--or just for the fun of it.

Motorists hate when cyclists:

* Blow through stop signs and red lights into heavily traveled intersections, without even pausing to look for traffic.

* Ride abreast or in large groups, spilling out of bike lanes and taking up roadways.

* Ride against traffic, especially on roads with no bike lanes.

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