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Mayor Should Show Some Backbone

September 23, 1990

History shows that peace at any price is a failed policy, yet Monterey Park Mayor Judy Chu seems intent on following such a path.

Last July, the mayor sought to pacify a small, vocal, group by requesting the Los Angeles County Grand Jury to investigate alleged violations of city building codes during construction of a parking structure at the Garfield Medical Center. To me, this was a new high in creative buck-passing. However, the buck is back, as the grand jury committee that reviewed the mayor's request found nothing to investigate. (Times, Sept. 13) This is unremarkable.

It is also unremarkable that Mayor Chu and the council were once again badgered and harassed at the last City Council meeting by those who still use rumor and innuendo to tell us the garage is illegal and the sky is falling.

Perhaps a solution to the constant harangue would be to set aside one day a year for the "Annual Running of the Mouths" like Pamplona, Spain, has a day for the running of the bulls. Can you imagine giant sets of teeth clickity-clacking along Garvey Avenue as the council and city staff scamper down side streets to get out of the way?

That would be great fun, but realistically, I hope that after again being subjected to the hyperbole of the same old chorus of naysayers, the mayor will finally stand up and say enough is enough!

A spinal column is a terrible thing to waste.


Monterey Park

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