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Contributions of Grace Payne

September 23, 1990

"Amazing Grace Hits Rough Waters" (Metro, Sept. 5) was a vicious attack on wonderful humanitarian black lady.

I want to tell you what has been accomplished at Westminster Neighborhood Assn. under the leadership of Grace Payne.

* At least 325,000 individuals in South-Central Los Angeles have been provided services to assist them with emotional, social and physical needs, including:

--Teen parents (generally mothers)--establishing goals and future planning.

--Creative child project--a humanistic program for those with behavioral problems and low-academic achievement.

--Youth development--designed to reduce delinquency and raise self-esteem.

--Community action--black councils, job placement, aid for senior citizens.

--Relish House Restaurant--on-the-job training for food service employees.

--Alternative school and child care--6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily. The headquarters (1776 East Century Blvd.) is an oasis.

Dr. Payne's leadership continues to instill in employees, clients, visitors and volunteers high standards. Grace Payne has campaigned tirelessly throughout the area promoting Westminster and raising, millions of dollars in funds, which, in connection with United Way, city and county funds, make this facility an example to be followed by other agencies. We are proud to have Grace Payne as our friend, employee and outstanding citizen to carry on this work in the community.


Director of Finance

Presbyterian Church Synod

Los Angeles

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