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The Law and Reroofing

September 30, 1990

As a remodeling contractor on the Westside of Los Angeles, one of the features I rarely miss is the Handyman Q&A.

In the Sept. 2 Handyman Q&A there was a question regarding reroofing. The answer, although acceptable in other areas, would be illegal here in Los Angeles County.

Reroofing in L.A. County has been affected by building codes relating to fire hazard. It is now illegal (although this is subject to change) to reroof with wood shingles or shakes in Los Angeles.

Here in Los Angeles the correct way to reroof with three existing layers of wood shakes and spaced sheathing below is as follows: strip the three layers off, cover the existing spaced sheathing with plywood sheathing, and then reroof with composition shingles or other approved material.

If reroofing with a heavier material such as clay tiles, the roof structure may have to be reinforced. Consult a licensed contractor for more information, and take the time to investigate the many types of roofing materials available today.


Los Angeles

Leishman is an attorney.

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