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FLICKS FILM AND VIDEO NOTES : Color It Bland : Salty hot dogs, 'golden'-flavored popcorn and graffiti in a gaudy restroom.

October 04, 1990|LEO SMITH

This is installment No. 5 in our biweekly look at the movie theaters of Ventura County. This week we went to Oxnard to visit The Mann Theatres at 271 Esplanade Drive.

Food: If only the hot dog had been as plain as the bun. The bun was soft, fresh and bland, but the dog tasted like a salt stick. The mustard came in small packages, the kind that are difficult to open and use while sitting in the dark in a movie theater.

One thing about the popcorn confused us: The liquid topping was billed as having "delicious golden flavoring." Not chartreuse flavoring, but golden. Whatever it was, it settled at about midpoint in our popcorn box, so the top half was quite enjoyable.

Restroom: Who was the color consultant? A little bit of brown, a little bit of white, a lot of black and touches of orange and yellow. Unfortunately, things went downhill after the initial shock of the color scheme. Lots of graffiti, only one out of three sinks had working cold water and one of the urinals was overflowing.

Pre-movie entertainment: Before the power in theater No. 3 went out, the music was festive orchestral Muzak, reminiscent of the holiday season. It served as background for the Mann house film, full of lots of ads for food and films, and a little trivia. After the electricity was restored, there was more of the same.

Pre-movie ads: Two.

Previews: One.

Seats: Comfortable but marred by rips and graffiti.

The first 100 patrons who show up Friday at the Carriage Square Cinema in Oxnard to see the Disney classic "Fantasia," will receive a piece of 'Fantasia 50th Anniversary' celebration cake. Cake will be served before the first showing at 12:30. For information call 485-6726.

On Sunday, the Ojai Film Society will show the widely acclaimed 1989 Australian movie "Sweetie," the first feature film of director Jane Campion, who has been referred to as the female David Lynch. The film is rated R. Show time at the Ojai Playhouse is 4:30 p.m. The theater is at 145 E. Ojai Ave.

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