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Two Views on New Kids

October 06, 1990

Who said that New Kids music isn't going to last? Who said New Kids are sweet but sad?

Well I would like to know!

Either that person's real jealous or he doesn't know what he is talking about! Did anyone say that about the Beatles? Did anyone say that about Buddy Holly or Elvis? What happened to them?

And about Donnie! When he was wearing a "Drugs Suck" T-shirt, would you rather him have a "Drugs are Cool" T-shirt on?

Maybe you just don't like their music for some strange reason. Well that's all right. Just don't try to get other people to not like them too!

Do you think people like New Kids are a dime a dozen? Well, here! The next dozen is on me! (Editors's note: A dime was enclosed with this letter.)

Where's that dozen now that you got your dime?

SARAH MERZ, age 10

Laguna Hills

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