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Lyrics Too Foul for Porn-Video Writer

October 07, 1990

This is in regard to daily and Sunday Calendar articles over the past months that have implied that Luther Campbell of gutter-mouthed rap fame is the victim of a bigoted campaign to take away his right to free speech.

Perhaps your paper will not print a few views opposing Campbell's relentlessly self-serving tactics, but Newsweek had the guts to publish some of his "lyrics" so readers could see what this man is trying to defend.

He's made the rounds of talk shows and has been quoted in many newspapers about how the racist cops passed by racks of adult videos before singling out his record (2 Live Crew's "As Nasty as They Wanna Be") for something to ban.

I write adult videos--more than 150 in the last five years. Other than the fact that consenting adults are having sex, I feel my work is as non-offensive as this type of "entertainment" can get. No violence, no profanity, no drugs, no bigotry.

I've even written a few murder-mysteries for this genre, and in them I couldn't go as far as to have one of the players carry a gun. That's how concerned the adult video industry is about bringing the scorn of censorship down on itself.

Millionaires like Luther Campbell have no such concern. They just use papers like yours to sell their obscenities.

As a representative of the "porn biz," I am offended that Campbell would mention my work and his in the same breath. I am further offended that The Times is so taken in by this opportunist.


North Hollywood

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