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What are the best of the new shows?

October 07, 1990

They (whoever "they" is) said one hit of the new season would be "Fresh Prince of Bel Air," starring Will Smith (below). But what do you say? As the fall season is under way, we want to know what new shows you pick to be a hit with audiences and which ones have already struck your fancy. Here are responses to the Sept. 16 question: What network do you turn to for news?

What network do I turn to for critical news? That's easy. Tom Brokaw is far and away the most knowledgeable, professional and outstanding news specialist around. He presents the news as it is and where it is!

Gary Traxler, North Hollywood

In response to your request as to what network we turn to for news, we always watch Tom Brokaw. He's the best!

William C. Boyd, Camarillo

I turn almost exclusively to the CNN World Report for the world news and then to Jerry Dunphy on Channel 9 (KCAL) for local news.

Mederic W. Roberts, Granada Hills

First, for in-depth news--KCET MacNeil/Lehrer News Hour. Second, for national news--Peter Jennings' "World News Tonight." Third, for local California and Western news--Channel 5 KTLA "News at 10."

Odile M. Bleasdale

We watch Peter Jennings' "World News Tonight" for news events or crises. We have turned the dial but always go back to Peter Jennings.

Jacklyn Kerr, Newport Beach

I have been listening to ABC's "World News Tonight" with Peter Jennings for a long time every night and no one else. I think he is terrific.

Rosemarie Grand, Reseda

My response is Peter Jennings, Peter Jennings, Peter Jennings. He is sensitive, well-spoken, intelligent and compassionate. It is very disappointing to tune in "World News Tonight" and find a replacement.

Laurie L. Gilmore, Laguna Hills

When I turn on the news, I want in-depth reporting and someone with intelligence doing the reporting. Among the three major network anchors, Dan Rather is my choice every night.

Jim Kosner, Laguna Hills

For news, it's CBS and Dan Rather.

Mari Siegel, Woodland Hills

I watch quite a bit of TV news, so naturally CNN is an important part of my viewing "diet." The people at CNN do a terrific job, especially when there is a crisis or major news event which requires continuous coverage. But there is still much room for improvement, and if there were a polished over-the-air network service, I might well watch it instead.

Donald Rowan, Placentia

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