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Here's Where the Tapes Can Be Found

October 07, 1990|Carol Tice Note: Prices are all list/per tape. Be sure to write or call to see what shipping fees and taxes apply before sending a check. and

Where to rent or buy home-improvement videotapes:

Video Learning Library (800) 383-8811. This mail-order outlet rents home-improvement titles for $6 a week. By far the best bargain. It has D-I-Y series, Better Homes & Gardens, Basic Carpentry, This Old House and many others.

Videotakes, (800) 526-7002. Mail-order outlet for many home-improvement titles. Has This Old House, $24.95; Paperhanging (Get the Hang of It Before You Start), View and Do, $24.95; Better Homes & Gardens tapes for $19.95; Do-It-Yourself series, $19.95; Basic Carpentry series, $24.95

Basic Carpentry Series--You Can Do It Videos (609) 933-2378, 228 Kennedy Blvd., Bellmawr, N.J. 08031. Series is closed-captioned, $24.95

Better Homes & Gardens, (515) 284-2150. Tapes come with a booklet, $19.95

Build Your Own Series, Re-side Your House, Store-it-all Barn; Morris Video, (213) 533-4800, 2730 Monterey 105, Monterey Business Park, Torrance, Calif. 90503; also Paint Like a Professional, Fix-It Series, Be Your Own Plumber, $9.95-$14.95.

Do-It-Yourself Series, (919) 249-0063, or write 910 Oriental, Charlotte, N.C. 28571; 25 tapes in series. Also available packaged with Sunset books in hardware stores. Each tape comes with a booklet, $19.95

Fine Homebuilding Video Workshops, Taunton Press, (800) 888-8286, 63 S. Main St., Box 355, Newtown, Conn. 06470. Tapes complement a series of books, $19.95-$29.95

Hometime Series, (800) 345-8000, 6200 Bury Drive, Eden Prairie, Minn. 55344; 38 tape series; also available in Builders Emporium, Builder's Discount and Home Club stores. Comes with a "Project Guide" booklet, $9.99

Made-Easy Series, Warner Home Video. Available by special order from your local video store, $14.98

Ortho Information Series, Chevron, (415) 842-5537, P.0. Box 5047, San Ramon, Calif. 94583-0947; Basic Electrical, Plumbing, Upgrading Kitchens, $24.95

Professional Tips for Easy Wallpapering, Woodworking, Increase Video, (800) 233-2880, 6914 Canby Ave., Suite 110, Reseda, Calif. 91335, $29.95

Reader's Digest Videomanual: Home Repair, Random House Video (212) 254-1600, $24.95.

This Old House, Time/Life Video, (800) 621-7026, $19.99

U-Do-It-Yourself/U-Tile It Yourself, Lamb Productions, (619) 273- 0572 3441 Baker St., San Diego, Calif. 92117, Also at Home Depot and Builder's Square, $9.95

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