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Alleviating Hunger in County Is the Issue

October 14, 1990

I couldn't help but wonder whether Judy Williams' letter (Sept. 30) in response to "Digging In for the Hungry" (Sept. 24) was really necessary.

Perhaps Mrs. Williams has lost sight of the real issues at hand: alleviating hunger in Orange County while reducing waste. Sunshine Outreach has long gained recognition for its harvesting efforts. I applaud its good work.

The Irvine Gleaning Project has salvaged produce alongside Sunshine Outreach; we have toiled together, shared experiences and learned from each other.

Two programs, one focus. I am quick to point out that the differences between our organizations can provide an opportunity for two worthwhile approaches to a pathetic, shameful reality of this bountiful county: hunger.

Let us not hold those in need of food hostage by methodology.

Truly, I applaud her right to provide an opportunity for those in need to feed themselves, to care for themselves. But sometimes it just doesn't work that way. The system isn't always fair. And being hungry isn't fair at all.


Project Organizer

Irvine Gleaning Project

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