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Hangover Lingers in Party Aftermath

October 14, 1990

Once again South Peyton Place (a.k.a. South Pasadena) dominated the front page of several newspapers over the past two weeks.

No, it's not the freeway fight. There appear to have been a few skirmishes to see who's boss in a town that involves several factions.

I'd like to comment on a headline in the Los Angeles Times, "No One's Satisfied in Aftermath of Party," (Oct. 4) and the soap opera story that followed.

You don't have to be a bartender to know that mixing certain ingredients will probably result in a huge hangover. One recipe for rancor on the rocks:

Main ingredients are young offspring of prominent and powerful families gathered to support Bartles and Jaymes. (No, they're not political candidates!)

Blend in some music to serenade the neighborhood, possibly featuring "Little John and the Bombastic Bass Belchers."

Add a short fuse to a longtime annoyed neighbor, who knows the police phone number by heart.

Throw in a dash of one of those settlers for the stomach, "How do you spell relief?" "P-O-L-I-C-E!"

Shake well, pour and gulp, then resist any temptation to conduct yourself in a responsible manner. I hear this concoction is called "Pandora's Punch."

It will probably be a while before the doctor diagnoses the root cause of the traumatic disorder and makes his findings known to the master of the house.

In the meantime, my Rx for the neighborhood: Take two aspirin and go to bed until the hangover disappears. Oh yes, you could pray for rain. It keeps people indoors and the windows shut.


South Pasadena

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