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CALIFORNIA ELECTIONS : PROPOSITION 140 : Supporters of Prop. 140 Open Citizens Drive in Santa Ana


SANTA ANA — Supporters of Proposition 140, which would limit terms of state officeholders, launched a "citizens campaign" Tuesday in Orange County to persuade voters to approve the measure.

Flanked by a handful of backers, including Assemblyman Curt Pringle (R-Garden Grove), proposition treasurer Lewis K. Uhler said at a news conference that "career politicians" will fight the measure to keep their office.

"Most incumbents do not support it," Uhler said. "But what we need are new faces in the state."

Uhler said he expects opponents of the proposal to wage an expensive ad campaign. By contrast, the campaign for Proposition 140 will consist of a grass-roots effort that relies heavily on neighborhood walks and local meetings to spread the word.

Uhler led supporters in signing a pink placard that read, "Official Prop. 140 Pink Slip to Elected California State Officials."

The measure, which is touted by supporters as "The Political Reform Act of 1990," would limit the terms of state senators and statewide officeholders to eight years in office. Assemblymen would be restricted to six years.

Assemblymen John R. Lewis (R-Orange), Gil Ferguson (R-Newport Beach) and Pringle, plus State Sen. John Seymour (R-Anaheim), are among the Orange County legislators who support the measure, Uhler said.

Pringle, who is completing his first term and is running against challenger Tom Umberg in the Nov. 6 election, said the measure would prevent "career politicians from running the state."

"There have been people in the Legislature for 12 and 16 years," Pringle said. "That's getting carried away."

U.S. Sen. Pete Wilson (R-Calif.), the Republican gubernatorial candidate, endorsed the measure.

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