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Using Salesman Just for Advice Deplored

October 21, 1990

I find the feature "Remodeler's Diary" most interesting, but the Sept. 30 story was surely distressing ("Newlywed Builders Learn Magic Words: 'Redo It' " by Maria Cowell).

To read about a young couple who take unfair advantage of the kind, interested salesman at their local hardware store, learn all they can from him about a certain project, and then proceed to purchase materials from a large discount store, is reprehensible.

Surely they should know that practice is unfair and deceitful.

The special charm and value of the local hardware store always has been the friendly, courteous service it provides. It prides itself on the fact that one can find everything there.

These stores are also in the business of selling. The "little old men in gray smocks" are not simply in the consulting business.

Advice is willingly, and freely, given to be sure. But your patronage is necessary for them to stay in business.

They are an endangered species.



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