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FLICKS: FILM AND VIDEO NOTES : 10 Napkins : Simi Valley theater will cover your hands in popcorn butter. And beware of restroom colors.

October 25, 1990|LEO SMITH

Dateline: Mann Sycamore Plaza 6, 3050 Cochrane St., Simi Valley.

With this installment we have hit a milestone in our series of reviews of Ventura County theaters--an even half-dozen.

Food: Let's just say that the Tums family would be thrilled. The hot dog was the saltiest we have come across and the stale bun did nothing to dull the sting. The stomachache arrived before the opening credits.

The buttered popcorn rated 10 napkins. That was about how many it took to dry our hands after finishing off only half a regular-size serving. The guy selling the food squirted in two streams of that "delicious golden flavoring" stuff that Mann seems to like to use in lieu of butter. One glob would have been more than sufficient.

Restroom: Uuuglyyyyy. The color scheme is a mixture of white and a kind of blood cell red. The stall walls, the door and the sink counter are made to look like marble versions of these two "colors."

On the up side, the place was clean (though a reliable source says the women's restroom gets messy late in the day). Also on the plus side--the towel/blow-dry option.

Pre-movie entertainment: One of those ad and trivia deals. Lots of ads for local businesses and upcoming movies. It was backed, not by the more common Muzak, but by a mix of hard rock and rhythm and blues. A nice change.

Pre-movie ads: One.

Previews: Three.

Special feature: Your name in lights. Or at least your gender. The "Men" and "Women" signs above the restroom doors were outlined in marquee-like yellow light bulbs.

Today is a big day for the local video stores, with "The Hunt for Red October" and "The Jetsons" both becoming available.

" 'Hunt for Red October' will be a blockbuster," said Mick Thiesen, owner of Video City in Camarillo.

And "The Jetsons"? "I don't think I ordered that dumb thing," he said.

Ojai Film Society feature of the week: "The Man With Two Brains" starring Steve Martin and Kathleen Turner. The 1983 film is the story of a surgeon who falls in love with a talking brain when his marriage fails. Voice of the brain belongs to Sissy Spacek. Showtime is 4:30 p.m. Sunday at the Ojai Playhouse.

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