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HOME SECURITY : Protecting a House From Burglary During Vacation

October 27, 1990|From Do It Yourself

One of the joys of traveling is coming home.

Reduce the risk of finding that your house has been burglarized by following these tips before leaving:

* Ask a trusted neighbor to collect the mail, newspapers and deliveries and to check the house from time to time.

* Arrange to have the lawn mowed.

* Put valuables and documents in a bank safe-deposit box.

* Lock all doors and windows, including those in the garage.

* Light all entries. Burglars avoid bright areas.

* Instead of leaving interior lights and appliances on all the time, set timers to simulate normal use.

* Turn down the bell on the telephone. A nonstop ringing phone tells a burglar that no one is home.

* Don't store empty trash cans outside. Hide them in a locked garage or out of sight.

* Leave a car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park there.

* Remove anything that shows names or addresses from a car that must be left at the airport.

* Don't announce vacation plans in the local paper.

* Remember that the goal is to create the illusion that the house is occupied as usual. Take some time before departure to analyze the home's vulnerable areas and eliminate anything that could make it an easy target for burglary.

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