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Guard Issue Cited in Pringle-Umberg Contest

October 28, 1990

"Pringle Defends Seat in Hot O.C. Assembly Race" (Oct. 21) exposes several issues concerning this Assembly seat.

First of all, it is true that the district is largely Democratic and that its voters are still conservative and are perfectly willing to elect a Republican. However, even conservative Democrats are intelligent and sensitive. They are very well aware of the racist and prejudicial act of the Republican Party in 1988.

Contrary to what (Curt) Pringle says, this past action on behalf of Pringle is an issue and will continue to be an issue in future elections. The Republican Party, and in particular Pringle and his cohorts, paid uniformed guards to watch the heavily Latino/Chicano voting places.

The posting of these guards at the 22 most heavily Latino/Hispanic/Chicano polling places by the Republican Party and directed, supported and paid for by Pringle, is not a case of conservatives versus liberals or Democrats versus Republicans. It is anti-American, anti-civil rights and anti-human rights. Many Anglo, Republican, conservative, moral Americans have spoken against this racist act. These persons will be voting against Mr. Pringle this time around.

Second, either Mr. Pringle is talking out of both sides of his mouth or speaks with a forked tongue, or both. (Pringle) stated that "Politics was a way to improve your area and have a say." Well, posting poll guards paid with Republican funds can hardly be a way to improve "his" area.

Improving means to make it better. I fail to see how the posting of the uniformed poll guards to deprive a segment of people of their civil rights--the right to vote--can make an area better. Mr. Pringle has yet to apologize or acknowledge any wrongdoing on his behalf.

The settlement of $400,000 cannot buy the Latino out. No amount of money is going to wash away the pain or the shame committed against a group of people who have for so long worked, fought and earned this most privileged right, the right to elect a person who can and will represent them. The right to vote is sacred for it gives us representation.

Jim Crow days are past, even for the Latinos. We will no longer be intimidated! Justice will be served and Mr. Pringle can return to his family business. Meanwhile, in Sacramento, Mr. Tom Umberg will be representing all of his constituents--liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans.


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