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Men's Fashion And Looks

October 28, 1990

Regarding your article on the Southern California man "Tall, Dark, and Handsome," I think what you meant to say was:

"The Southern California man is a bold individual in dress and fashion. He does not kowtow to the meaningless dictates of Madison and Seventh avenues. He has his own style and is not afraid to go it alone.

"If long hair is out, but he likes long hair, he has long hair. He is not afraid of a wrinkle or a gray hair, he doesn't run to the beauty shop every time a foible appears on his immaculately bronzed and well-defined person.

"There may well be days when his less-than-perfectly-honed razor has left a trace of stubble on his well-defined cheek and he may not even use any toners, under-eye concealers, mud facials or foundation.

"In short, he is dictated not by Betty Goodwin, Michael Quintanilla, or any other fashion writers, or his wife, but by the sense of what he feels comfortable with."

Apart from these few omissions, I enjoyed reading your article.


Los Angeles

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