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Git along little doggies.

Pardner, if you love Westerns, mosey on over to TNT. Every Saturday from 5 to 8a.m., the cable network airs three vintage horse operas.

Kicking off the morning is The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters, a Western adventureseries based on Robert Lewis Taylor's 1958 Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of thesame name. The series aired Sundays on ABC September, 1963-March, 1964.

A young Kurt Russell stars as Jaimie, a 12-year-old boy traveling on a westwardbound wagon train in 1849 with his irresponsible father, "Doc" SardiusMcPheeters (Dan O'Herlihy, the villain in both "RoboCop" films), a sexy17-year-old orphan (Donna Anderson) and the Bible-thumping Kissell family, whosefour sons are played by none other than the Osmond Brothers.

Charles Bronson also stars as Linc Murdock, a strong but troubled man whobecomes wagon master.

Next up at 6 a.m. is Hondo, ABC's short-lived series which aired FridaysSeptember-December, 1967.

Ralph Taeger stars as a scout roaming the Arizona Territory, circa 1870, withhis dog, Sam. Once a Confederate cavalry captain, Hondo had lived with theApaches and married the chief's daughter only to see her slain in an Armymassacre. Every week, Hondo tried to avert problems with renegade Indians, landgrabbers and bandits.

"Hondo" was based on a Louis L'Amour story and the classic 1953 film, whichstarred John Wayne and Geraldine Page.

How the West Was Won, which airs at 7 a.m., also was based on a well-knownfilm-the sprawling 1963 Western that starred James Stewart, Carroll Baker,Debbie Reynolds and Gregory Peck.

In 1976, James "Gunsmoke" Arness returned to the small screen as mountain manZeb Macahan in the TV movie "The Macahans." That film was such a success itspawned the series "How the West Was Won," which aired on ABC February,1978-April, 1979. The series finds Zeb traveling west from Virginia with thefour offspring of his dead brother and sister-in-law.

Irish actress Fionnula Flanagan co-stars as Aunt Molly who joins the trek west,and a youthful Bruce Boxleitner, long before he was the Scarecrow to Mrs. King,plays Luke, the eldest son who had killed three men in self-defense and waswanted by the law.

"How the West Was Won" was actually filmed in the Wild West-on location in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Soothern California. John Mantley,the executive producer, was also the producer on "'Gunsmoke."

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