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TURN IN, TUNE ON, SPEAK OUT : Here Are The Responses To The Oct. 7 Question: What Are The Best Of The New Shows?

October 28, 1990

"American Dreamer" with Robert Urich was a thought-provoking gentle storywithout the violence and sex that seems to fill the screen today.

Ida K. Miller, Tujunga

New shows? Several really good ones! "Evening Shade," great cast, veryentertaining; both "Uncle Buck" and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" provided somelaughs; Sharon Gless does a fantastic job in "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill."

So, weUre pleased with most of the new shows. But what do we know? We loved"Slap Maxwell" and that show vanished.

Wayne and Doris Sisk, Cypress

Please convey the following to NBC: "American Dreamer" is refreshing, funny andreal. We hope it survives.

Doug and Mary Scott, Laguna Niguel

Please add two votes for best new show to our favorite, "Evening Shade." Thesupporting cast is hilarious, especially Charles Durning and Elizabeth Ashley.It's also unusual to find a show where the children are "just" the children, anddo not dominate the stories.

Burt Reynolds is restrained and charming. But why isn't this show on the CBSMonday night lineup, where it would fit perfectly?

Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Altman, Sherman Oaks

We like "Hull High" and think the network should keep it on the air.

Barbara and Cort Casady, Los Angeles

I haven't been in school since the '60s, but that doesn't stop me from enjoying"Hull High."

The "musical" is a true American invention. Bravo to "Hull High" for bringing itinto the '90s with style and good humor. As far as I'm concerned, MGM has metMTV ... and I couldn't be more pleasantly surprised.

Ginger Smith, North Hollywood

I feel "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" is off to a strong start, showing a lot ofpotential. Sharon Gless is marvelous. Great delivery and timing. She got theaudience immediately interested in her character.

Jack Reedon, Fullerton

"The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" is the best new show I've seen this season. Thewriting and directing have been solid. Sharon Gless is very likable and makesRosie a compelling character.

Pat Cole, Anaheim

Although the ratings don't indicate it at the present, I think "The FanelliBoys" is one of the best new programs on TV. It presents a combination of goodwriting, a fine mix of characters, an ethnic flavor which is not offensive.

Gary Traxler, North Hollywood

There are two new shows that I really hope will be around for a long time. Theyare "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill" and "American Dreamer." They are both adult,thought provoking and thoroughly enjoyable.

M. Rita Stricklin, Chatsworth

For a long time Wednesday nights were horrible, but along came "The FanelliBoys," a really funny show with good writing and good actors, it's one of my topfour favorite shows along with "Lenny" and "Dear John."

Sallie Becker, Tujunga

Great new additions "The Fanelli Boys," "Cop Rock," "DEA," "Against the Law,"and "Law and Order."

Jim Santorelli, Laguna Hills

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