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Dealing Fairly With Salesmen

October 28, 1990

I would like to explain my remark concerning the hardware store salesmen in my Sept. 30 article, "Newlywed Builders Learn Magic Words: Redo It," which prompted several letters.

Unfortunately, the particular wording leaves the impression that my husband and I solicited salesmen for advice by tricking them into believing we were going to buy the product from their store.

During our remodeling we did , in fact, buy extensive materials from our local store, Verdugo Hardware on Eagle Rock Boulevard. We are regular customers there and have added to their cash register many times!

When we asked for advice we told them up-front that it was on a product we had already purchased or were going to purchase at a discount center. They were aware of that and still offered their knowledge.

The products that we did purchase at discount centers were those that the local store did not stock in volume needed for building a house (i.e. drywall) and those they did not stock, such as cabinets and hardwood floors.

My husband and I are not "unethical" or "deceitful." Our dealings with the local salesmen were always fair and honest. It is unfortunate this was not clearly reflected in the article and, consequently, some readers took offense. I direct my apologies to those salesmen who helped us get our house built.


Los Angeles

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