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NEIGHBORS : Artistic Relish : Jonny Kwan is painting six pictures for Bob's Big Boy in Glendale based on old comics.

November 01, 1990|LEO SMITH

Remember Jonny Kwan, the Camarillo artist who played a big role in designing most of the Dick Tracy movie logos and posters?

Well, he's moved on to bigger things--at least bigger characters. His latest project is painting six pictures for a new Bob's Big Boy diner in Glendale.

"The paintings are revised versions of the old Bob's Big Boy comics they used to give to the customers," Kwan said. "I'm enlarging them and updating them."

As for models, Kwan said Big Bob is no problem: "He's pretty heavy-set and rounded. I think they were thinking of calling the original character Fat Boy."

Speaking of hamburger establishments, did you know the most frequently ordered sandwiches are the hamburger-cheeseburger and the chicken sandwich? So says the Sentinel, the official newsletter of Doc 'n Sandy's Cafe in Saticoy.

Quoting statistics from the National Restaurant Assn., the newsletter also informs its customers that one out of every three meals eaten outside the home is a sandwich and that sandwich consumption has been on the rise over the last five years, with turkey gobbling up the biggest gain.

By the way, John Montague, the Fourth Earl of Sandwich, and the inventor of most of our lunches, was born 172 years ago this Saturday. He is said to have invented the sandwich as a quick snack while on a 24-hour gambling binge.

More food tidbits. Do you give much thought to where your lunch comes from? Mary Miche of Berkeley does.

Musician-educator Miche will make a couple of stops in Ventura County, where her sister resides, to sing some songs for local children.

One of the songs is "Dirt Made My Lunch," by Steve Van Zandt of the Banana Slug String Band. It's a song about all the food items that come from the ground.

"I ask the kids if they can think of something they eat for lunch that dirt did not make," Miche said.

Some other common responses: chocolate, tuna fish and milk.

"The kids will usually pick something that's a couple of steps away from dirt. One time a child said water, which is actually true. But there was a debate--water comes through the ground."

If you'd like to hear Miche, she'll be performing at Santa Paula High School at 7 p.m. Saturday. Proceeds will benefit Glen City School of Santa Paula. For information call 525-4527. Miche will also play at the Thousand Oaks Library at 7 p.m. Tuesday. Call 497-6282, Ext. 213.

Laramie, the Moorpark College golden eagle, made her first public appearance in about two years last Sunday at an exotic animal training and management show.

The eagle, about 13 years old, came to Ventura County 12 1/2 years ago after she was shot in one of her wings in Wyoming.

"She has an amputated wing. She can't fly. It's even difficult for her to stand on somebody's arm because of her poor balance," said Susan Cox, education coordinator of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program. "We've been working with the raptor rehabilitation department to get her in a better frame of mind. She's much calmer. She likes coming out now."

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