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Sharing Blame of 'Moral Mutants'

November 02, 1990

Garry Abrams cited statistics that showed today's youth more concerned with materialistic things. How is this immoral? In light of the ever-increasing struggle for existence and cost of living, it is to be expected. Today's youth see the homeless and destitute and decide that they do not want to end up there.

It is not wrong to want a standard of living that requires a concern for materialism. Some may argue that it is selfish. It is not. One must help himself before he is capable of helping others.

Abrams then cited evidence that indicated 18- to 30-year-olds place little value in such core moral values as civic duty and honesty.

It was not my generation that fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam draft. Where was their sense of civic duty and moral obligation to this country?

Which generation has created a savings and loan scandal so great it has cost taxpayers billions of dollars?

It is not OK to cheat. Why do I have college instructors who will let a student do their work over when caught plagiarizing?

The 18- to 30-year-olds are not the moral mutants: It is the entire country. If this situation is to be rectified, everyone must contribute.


Los Angeles

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